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Oct8ne |Chatbot

According to expert sources of Business Insider, 80% of companies will use a chatbot system this year. But it must be clear that the objective of these new tools is to streamline the work of your customer service, but not replace the human team.

In this context, it is becoming increasingly essential to offer a conversational chatbot to our clients without forgetting the importance of the human factor.

Inbenta has been integrated with Oct8ne visual live chat so you can implement both tools on your website. The bot will be able to answer the most frequently asked questions and the agents will be able to dedicate themselves to advising customers and increasing sales.

Oct8ne; the only system on the market that offers visual customer service, adds a 'co-viewer' to the chat window, that is, a space shared by agents and customers to be able to display and view catalog products in a synchronized manner.

This way, communication is streamlined as both customers and agents can see exactly which item they are talking about. In addition, customers can interact with images and videos in real-time to better solve customer questions: zoom in on some functionality, mark a part of the product or draw to indicate what they are talking about.

With this integration, customers are offered a channel that combines the automation of customer service thanks to the chatbot and personalized advice through visual customer service.

Oct8ne chatbot

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Escalation to Live Chat
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