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PhoneMyBot |Chatbot | Interactive Media (Partner)

While chat-based communications for customer service has exploded in recent years, it still accounts for less than half of all the interactions. Many people still pick up the phone and call customer services. Usually in this case they reach an IVR service and after a painful process of navigating through menus are finally connected to a human agent. This is inefficient and makes for a stale customer experience. 

But, if you use Inbenta you already deploy an advanced conversational AI self-service bot. Why not have it do double duty and answer the phone too? 

With the PhoneMyBot integration, you can do just that. PhoneMyBot integrated with Inbenta transforms your bot into an omnichannel Virtual Agent that uses the same knowledge and conversational AI engine to power all channels. When users call in, they are greeted by the voice of your bot and can hold a conversation with it to qualify and solve their needs, just as they would do on a chat channel. PhoneMyBot also connects with your contact center in order to forward conversations that were not solved in self-service mode to a human agent, complete of context information.

The integration between Inbenta and PhoneMyBot is operational now so don't wait to supercharge your voice interactions with the Inbenta self-service experience! 

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