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It’s more than just chatbots.It's Conversational AI.

Inbenta has rolled out its newest solution to increase revenue rates with Conversational AI Search. With Inbenta's new Conversational AI Search, website shoppers get better results and they see the right product at the right time for them to increase conversions. As a step towards this Inbenta has built a series of integration.

This Shopify connector is able to search through Shopify product catalogs to provide the best of the results using NLP, let users make orders and check statuses. 

Inbenta's new Conversational AI Search is able to answer complex questions of shoppers using natural language processing (NLP), plus giving answers that help with upselling / cross-selling, and pro-actively suggest the right products that are related to what the shopper is looking for at that moment.

This new solution turns shoppers that search into buyers in three ways:

Reduce customer service queries and support costs by quick answers, intelligent autocomplete, upselling / cross-selling functions and search across multiple sources

Anticipate shoppers intent and meet customer needs by product attribute filters, indexed catalog and FAQs, and custom UI that matches the company brand

Improve service with detailed analytics by better analytics reports, performance monitoring, and intuitive KPI dashboards.

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