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Speech to Intent | Chatbot | Speakeasy AI (Partner)

Let’s use AI to build voice experiences your customers will actually use. It all starts with listening to your customers. Speakeasy AI’s Speech-to-Intent™ technology enables a  solution that solves your customer support wish list. IVRs and voice assistants like  Alexa require voice transcription via traditional speech-to-text to access a  conversational knowledge base that may or may not match the transcribed words. Bottom line - we speak differently than we type!


Speakeasy AI’s Speech-to-Intent™ looks at the entire spoken voice of the customer to deliver the promise of conversational AI starting with listening, not reading. Speakeasy AI has a deep, bi-directional integration with Inbenta so your Inbenta chatbot can speak to your customers within voice channels. Speakeasy AI’s expertise and pre-built integrations with enterprise IVRs like Genesys, Avaya, Freeswitch and Cisco can enable a next generation voice AI experience that is easily and rapidly updated. Speakeasy AI can use an Inbenta customer’s corpus/KB to develop custom language models via Nerv™ – our neural net/machine learning component. 


Contact Speakeasy AI for an Inbenta chatbot listening pilot to align on self-service use cases before deploying in IVR. A Speakeasy AI Active Listening Pilot™ with Inbenta allows you to “listen” to how your customers are already interacting with your business. Hear what they are already asking for in both real-time and with historical analysis to understand your customers’ needs and how you are currently handling them before building out the answers and corrective actions needed in your business. This listening functionality and integration with Inbenta can be extended to live voice call center agents via Speakeasy AI Agent Assist, as well as to Alexa. We recommend starting in your most active voice channel – IVR. 

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