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Voice Verification Service | Chatbot | Veridas (Partner)

Would you like to authenticate your customers with just 3 seconds of audio, in any language, and without the need to repeat any given sentence? Would you like to do all that in less than 140 milliseconds while being able to accurately prevent fraud? Would you like to deploy a unique and secure omni-channel communication strategy for your clients?

Veridas, a world-leading company in the development of solutions for Digital Verification of Identities is now delivering their state-of-the-art voice biometric solution to Inbenta customers. A 100% proprietary technology designed for companies to drastically improve both customer experience and fraud prevention. Veridas cloud solution is also amazingly simple to integrate on any platform. Veridas APIs only require a 5-second audio to register a new user, creating a unique and irreversible biometric vector for each client. This vector will be used to authenticate customers, with a tested accuracy above 99%. Users will then only need to freely speak for 3 seconds to validate their identity.

This Voice Verification Service also incorporates a fraud detection capability, preventing fraudulent users from either registering or authenticating themselves. The biometric engine is capable of detecting pre-recorded voices with a precision of 96.62%.

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